Review Policy

**We are NOT accepting new author requests at this time. Authors we have reviewed in the past are welcome to submit a request. However be advised that if your book is accepted for review, we will not give you a timeframe for it to be completed. We prioritize by interest, not date received. **

We accept Traditional (large and small press), Indie, and Self-Published novels in the following genres for an honest review:
*Chick Lit
*YA and Adult Contemporary
*YA and Adult Paranormal Romance
*YA and Adult Romance
*Urban Fantasy
**Erotica and Adult books can be submitted for review on Autumn After Dark**
If your request is approved, bound books and e-books are accepted. E-books preferred on .mobi or pdf.

If you submit a request please provide the following info:
*brief description
*your website or blog info
*bound book or e-book format

*Please do NOT submit Non-Fiction or Poetry. We do not read many short stories or novellas, but may make exceptions if it interests me.*

If your request is approved we will submit an honest review on this blog, Goodreads, and/or Amazon. Please note that even if a review is accepted, we may not complete a review. We do not receive any monetary compensation for reviews.

*Publishers and Authors may contact me to host/participate in blog tours for books and/or series.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: There are two reviewers for this blog: myself (Autumn) and Erin. If you submit a review request, I will share the book info with Erin to see if she is interested in reviewing your book as well. If we are both interested in reviewing your book, I will note that in my reply back to you.

Erin's bio: I'm a stay-at-home mom of four crazy kids, and a self-described bookaholic with a weakness for romance and the supernatural. Most of my spare time is spent curled up with a book, and I love that I get to share them with other readers!!

To contact me or submit a request, email me at I welcome comments and questions! You can also find me on Twitter @theautumnreview and Facebook: Autumn Review | Facebook Page: The Autumn Review.