February 13, 2015

REVIEW: Too Many Reasons by @KristenStrassel

TOO MANY REASONS (A Spotlight Series Novel) by Kristen Strassel is here! Check out the excerpt and giveaway below!

Title: TOO MANY REASONS (A Spotlight Series Novella)
Author: Kristen Strassel
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 9, 2015
Abby Gauthier is close to getting everything she's worked so hard for. The band she manages, Sinister Riot, has been offered a major record contract. But it comes with a catch: the band must add Eli Jamison, winner of the talent show The Spotlight, to the lineup.

“You’ve been my favorite part of this city.”

Devon Sinclair is the singer of Sinister Riot, and he's Abby's best friend. She's in love with him, but fears she'll lose him if she makes the first move. Devon knows adding Eli to the band is a mistake, and he's right. Eli's interested in more than just making an album. He wants to take control of the band, and he wants to get to know Abby better. A lot better. When tensions between Devon and Eli threaten to destroy Sinister Riot, Abby must act on her true feelings or lose everything she's ever wanted.

“I may not have been your first, but I’m going to make damn sure I’m your last.”

Oh Kristen Strassel , you keep writing all these fantastic books and I keep falling in love with them.

Abby and Devon are life long friends; she manages his band, Sinister Riot and is secretly in love with Devon. You’d think he would have caught on by now but no, he’s a guy. Anyways, when Sinister Riot is forced to welcome Eli into the band, Devon isn’t too happy about it. Sure, he’s supposed to help push them to big time rock star status but not push himself into Abby’s heart.

This is definitely a book for rock star fans and fans of a love triangle. Kristen brought different elements to each relationship which makes you fall for both guys. There’s a lot of tension, sexual tension not angsty tension. She builds up each relationship and you actually watch it grow and progress. You want both of them to win her heart and make her happy.

But only one can come out a winner. Will it be the best friend whom she’s loved for years or will it be the new guy who came in and tried to sweep her off her feet?

You will definitely want to read and find out.

ARC provided by Wordsmith Publicity.

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Kristen shares a birthday with Steven Tyler and Diana Ross. She spends each day striving to be half as fabulous as they are. She’s worn many hats, none as flattering as her cowboy hat: banker, retail manager, fledgling web designer, world’s worst cocktail waitress, panty slinger, now makeup artist and author. She loves sunshine, live music, the middle of nowhere, and finding new things to put in her house. 

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