February 27, 2015

ERIN REVIEWS: Her Fallen Protector (Afterlife) by Nichole Severn

Her Fallen Protector (Afterlife) by Nichole Severn
Adult Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

Between heaven and hell is a love beyond imagination...
When a trio of demons kidnap Vdarra Jansen, her normal life is ripped away. Her abductors claim she is the "lost heiress" of the Underworld, and the commander of the mighty Army of Duemos. They don't seem to care that she knows nothing about the Underworld, or that she only remembers the last ten years of her life...
Former archangel Jacob will do anything to bring back his lost love's memories. But if he succeeds, it could mean the end of the world. Torn between love and duty, Jacob will do whatever it takes to save her. 
Jacob and Vdarra must learn to trust each other, and push aside old hurts to find their way. They are in a race to find the one thing that will decide Vdarra's, and the world's, fate – the lost Seal of Solomon.  It will mean choosing between innocent lives ...and their hearts.

Vdarra was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of dead ends in her effort to figure out who she was beyond the ten years she could remember of her life.  She was found at sea by a man claiming to be her father, but she was still in the dark about so much and it was slowly driving her mad.  Little did she know that there was someone looking for her, someone who loved her but knew not to approach her for fear of what danger that might bring.  But the temptation turned out to be too much for her gorgeous fallen angel Jacob, who had given his heart to her despite the darkness that was her origin. 

Vdarra was tossed into a world she couldn’t begin to understand with all of her memories of the Underworld forgotten.  The world as she’d come to know it in the ten years since she woke up was just a fraction of her existence, and she had no idea who this man was that was making her heart take flight but refusing to tell her what he knew.  She was indeed the heiress to the world of demons, but she had once fallen for an angel, and she had him on her side as the evil tried to rise up and take her back.  Whether she had a clue to any of it at all was entirely up to everyone around her, and it was maddening that no one would give her a straight story, especially Jacob.  They had great chemistry, you could feel his intense love for Vdarra and the pull she was experiencing towards him.  I wanted to beat Jacob upside the head for being so cryptic and vague for so long, but in the end he was trying to protect her so I couldn’t stay mad at him. He had stayed devoted to her for so many years despite who she was and the fact that she had no memory of him, so it was hard not to love him!

While the danger and the darkness were exciting aspects to the story, I felt like a lot of questions were left unanswered here.  We’re given plenty of revelations to keep us pulled in, but then they aren’t fleshed out so I felt like there were missing pieces to the puzzle.  Overall though, Jacob and Vdarra’s story was a sexy, exciting, and a unique take on the good vs. evil romance.


“I had to protect you.”
“From what? Them?” She motioned with her chin toward the door.  “Or you? Because you’re doing a bang up job so far.” ~Loc 470

“I betrayed my father and my kingdom and I can’t even explain why.”  Her attention remained glued to him and something deep within her made her step toward him, despite the tension radiating off his body in waves.  “Except it was because of you.” ~Loc 797

What a selfish son of a bitch he’d become.  He’d upended her entire life and all he could think about was how much he needed to touch her.  How much he needed her to accept him, forgive him. ~Loc 823

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent most days at her grandmother’s house watching X-Men, Married with Children and The Simpsons, Nichole Severn migrated to the Salt Lake City valley to live life as scandalous romance author.

She graduated with a degree in psychology from Utah Valley University and resides with her very supportive and patient husband, as well as her terrorist of a toddler, in Sandy, Utah. When she’s not writing, she’s constantly injuring herself running, rock climbing, practicing yoga, and snowboarding.

Nichole can be contacted through her website at www.nicholesevern.com, email at nichole@nicholesevern.com, Twitter at @nicholesevern or Facebook.

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