February 16, 2015

ERIN REVIEWS: Be Mine Forever (The Bennetts #3) by Kennedy Ryan @kennedyrwrites

Be Mine Forever (The Bennetts #3) by Kennedy Ryan
Adult Contemporary Romance

Can a secret crush . . .
Jo Walsh has loved Cameron Mitchell for as long as she can remember. Whether front and center in her life or on the periphery, the tall, brooding artist has made his presence seductively and irresistibly known. But whenever they start to get close, Cam pulls away. Jo's tired of keeping her feelings in a box Cam is afraid to open. If he wants her, he'll have to prove it. And if he doesn't, Jo will need to know the real reason why . . .

. . . become the love of a lifetime?
How do you walk away from your soul mate? Cam wishes he knew. No matter how far he runs from Jo, he can't resist looking back at the silver eyes that seem to see right through him. But as well as Jo thinks she understands Cam, the dark truth about his past is something she shouldn't have to handle. Cam's sure that setting Jo free is the right thing to do. Too bad his heart has other ideas . . .
Wow this was a huge surprise for me! I haven’t read the first two books in this series, but I don’t even think that preparation could have made me expect what was coming here, and I was impressed by what an emotional punch Kennedy Ryan gives her readers with the mesmerizing Cameron Mitchell.  He’s been through a childhood of hell and made it to the other side, but he’s bottled that all up and never allowed his heart to take another punch.  At least, he thought he hadn’t, but really Jo had stolen it a long time ago and he just wasn’t ready to admit that to himself…or her. 

Jo had loved Cam for years, her heart long lost to this wounded man who came into her life like a shot to the chest when they were just children.  She’d held onto that connection, the way her heart would race when he was near, the way it had always been him for her, even when he pushed her away in the cruelest ways.  All grown up, she saw all of the mistakes he made and loved him despite all of that.  His life had imploded; he lost his child, and then lost his wife to his best friend.  With his tortured past always right there under the surface, he was like a ticking time bomb in many ways.  But Jo was more than strong enough for the both of them, more than capable of being his lifeline to happiness, if he’d just LET her be it.  Their struggle, his refusal to tarnish her but equally potent inability to not have her in his life, was wrought with pain and lust and a great deal of undying love.  My heart was all over the place and my stomach was in knots, it was incredible!

This is one of those times where, even though this could be read as a stand-alone, I wish that I had read the other books first.  I really enjoyed all of these characters and look forward to reading more of their stories, but most of all I want to see where Jo and Cam were before we see them in this installment.  They are truly captivating characters that I so easily fell in love with, and I can’t recommend their story strongly enough!  Unforgettable!


“Jo, please stop.” Cam put his fingers over her lips.  “Just stop talking because I’m going to laugh, like gut bust laugh if you keep talking.  Then you’ll get mad and punch me.  And I’ll laugh more because you hit like a girl.  It’ll be a whole thing. I promise you.”  Jo’s lips twitched, but she held her ground.  ~Loc 2354

Now that he’d decided it was time and he was ready, it was like emotional hemophilia.  He was a free bleeder.  Even the barest nick could send him gushing, and he couldn’t have that.  It would be messy.  It would be dangerous for him to lose control that way, especially with Jo.  ~Loc 2377

She was fathomless, depthless for him.  She had no boundaries.  She was as open as the sky for this man and as endless.  ~Loc 3144

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  1. Thank you for the excellent review! I will make sure to read the books in order.

  2. Erin, thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm so glad you enjoyed BMF. :-)


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