January 2, 2015

ERIN REVIEWS: Soul Enslaved (Sons of Wrath 3) by @KeriLake

SOUL ENSLAVED (Sons of Wrath, #3)
By: Keri Lake
Release Date: December 5, 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9848517-7-5

Imprisonment in Obsidius. Enslavement to a soul-sucking succubus. A reproductive cycle that’d send a sex fiend running into the arms of celibacy.

Given the choice, most demons would opt for death.

Gavin, eldest son of Wrath, has been sentenced to all three.

When the succubus decides its time to collect, though, he fears his nightmares have only just begun.

And Sabelle’s timing couldn’t be worse.

With a bad case of uncontrollable lust, thanks to his Savidon, the last thing Gavin wants is a vengeful succubus stoking his darkest desires, but debts must be paid—he just didn’t bank on enjoying his punishment so much.

Because the swinging bachelor may have found his perfect mate in the sexy seductress.

However, just as things seem to be looking up, past sins resurface, plunging the two into a deadly game of power and deception. As their worst fears merge into one unexpected threat, Gavin is determined to protect Sabelle and win her freedom.

At any cost.

Wow, wow, wow, WOW!! It’d be an understatement to say that I was eagerly awaiting Gavin’s story, and Keri Lake delivered BIG time! Diving back into her twisted and dark world is an experience not to be taken lightly, and I love that we always get something completely unexpected. This wasn’t the “let’s watch Gavin suffer in Obsidius and then suffer again with a succubus” that I was bracing myself for, because it was SO MUCH more than that, and I loved every second!!

So we all know what’s up with Gavin at this point; he’s done the deed with someone he shouldn’t have, and her husband was none too pleased, so Gavin is now facing the punishment for his actions…in demon hell. Worst of all, he was tricked into it, which makes what he goes through that much worse, and this is GAVIN. The eldest brother, who looks after everyone else and has a huge heart despite being a demon. I loved him in the previous books, so my heart was screaming “NOOOOO!!” every time he had to suffer this time around. Thankfully his time in Obsidius was shortened when a certain succubus who he owed a favor to decided to cash in. Sabelle needed help if she was going to make a better life for her kids, and calling on Gavin to protect her ended up saving him from certain death…for the time being.

Sabelle was a surprise treat for me, I wasn’t expecting to like her on so many levels like I did. Sure, you expect her to have some redeeming qualities that make you hope she ends up with Gavin, but she was much more complex than just a vixen with a soft side. A single mother of two, Sabelle lived a pretty miserable life thanks to her baby daddy being her abusive asshole pimp. And she wasn’t your typical succubus, seeing as how she didn’t thrive on consuming souls or need sex like a crack addict needed a fix. But there was something about her, a supernatural side that she couldn’t understand, that made her captivating to everyone around her. Including the eldest son of Wrath, who was about to go through his Savidon in the presence of a woman who made his demon want to stake his claim on every inch of her body! There was so much heat oozing off of both of these two, we’re talking molten intensity that makes you need a cold shower! This was definitely Keri’s sexiest book yet, and with Gavin as the MC there just couldn’t have been any other way!

What I loved about this installment was that we got a lot of time with Gavin and Sabelle really developing their relationship. They weren’t shoved into a perilous situation where they ended up falling in love because they had been through so much together. Instead, we see them enter each other’s lives one step at a time, from Sabelle’s adorable kids to her gradually getting to know the Wrath boys, which is always entertaining seeing as how Keri Lake’s wickedly twisted sense of humor comes through each of her characters. Sabelle is so normal on many levels, so it was easy to get caught up in her just having an amazing man who was being her hero. But then, that amazing man just happened to be a sex-charged Wrath demon so he came with all kinds of perks!

As we’ve grown to expect with this addicting series, there were many dark and cringe-worthy plot twists that had my heart racing and my stomach in knots. I will warn you, there are parts of this story, one in particular, that will be hard to read. I was literally shaking my head no and bawling as I read this scene and I wished that I could go back and pretend it didn’t happen. It hurt. Badly. But, this wouldn’t be a Sons of Wrath story if everything came out perfectly and no one suffered, and that’s what we have to endure to make it through to the other side! Gavin and Sabelle’s story was painfully beautiful, thrilling, maddening, and entirely consumed me from start to finish, and I cannot wait for more from this outstanding series! If you haven’t met the Sons of Wrath yet, my question to you is “Why the hell not?!!”, because I promise you it will be a favorite for any PNR fan out there!

~As if things weren’t bad enough that she had a pimp hounding her ass, she now had a sexually charged Wrath looking to fuck her into a stupor.

Yet, the thought of that left her knees weak. ~Loc 2896

~Sabelle put the vehicle in drive. “If I thought that’d make a difference, I would.”

“So this is some Jerry Springer shit you’re preparing me for, then.”

His cheeks dimpled with a smile. Adorable.

“I think my situation would be too screwed up, even for Jerry Springer.” ~Loc 3453

~Gavin radiated masculinity from every pore on his perfectly chiseled body, like a deadly, invisible vapor that could cripple a woman with one glance. ~Loc 4792

~“Because I knew once I had you, I’d never want to give you up. To anyone or anything.” An upward glance showed his eyes drilling into hers, as if he could see her very soul.

~“In that moment, I’d already claimed you as mine.” ~Loc 5716

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Keri Lake is a married mother of two living in Michigan. She writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy and loves a good, tragic love story. Though novels tend to be her focus, she also writes short stories and flash fiction on the many occasions when distraction sucks her in to the Land of Shiny Things.
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