September 13, 2014

Sexy Saturdays with Andrea & Autumn: ALL OR NOTHING by @KendallRyan1 -Review + Giveaway

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ALL OR NOTHING by Kendall Ryan
Atria Books Paperback | 272 pages | ISBN: 9781476764641 | $15.00 | September 9, 2014
eBook | 352 pages | ISBN: 9781476764658 | $7.99 | September 9, 2014

You’ve met Ben Shaw. Now meet Braydon Kincaid, the devil-may-care male model who nearly stole the show in Working It by New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

As one of the world’s most sought-after male models, Braydon is no stranger to the finer pleasures in life. The last thing he wants to do is limit himself, especially when it comes to women. His best friend, Ben, might’ve settled down, but Braydon doesn’t want to waste his youth on the messy complications of commitment. He wants fun. He wants easy.

Ellie isn’t looking for a casual relationship, but her tough and sassy personality instantly attracts Braydon, who proposes a “friends with benefits” arrangement. Unable to resist the powerful pull of the charming bad boy, Ellie eventually relents, though she longs for all-consuming love.

As the two spend more time together, Ellie soon realizes that Braydon’s posing skills extend off the runway. His carefully crafted façade masks a secret hurt that he’s reluctant to share with Ellie, even as they embark on a passionate affair that sends them hurtling toward a fate neither expected. Can Ellie risk her heart while she waits for Braydon to let her in, or will she be forced to demand all or nothing?

I wanted it. I needed it. And I got it! Ellie and Bray have amazing chemistry and I couldn't wait to see how their story played out. Was I happy with the result? You better believe it. I may even go as far to say that I think this is the best book in the series. 

What worked for me: 
~The characters. Plain and simple. I loved them separately and I loved them together. Ellie is the kind of girl I would be friends with. She's sweet, sensitive and cares deeply about the people in her life. She's also driven and often a bit cautious. Particularly about Braydon. Braydon is one of the top models in the industry, so I understood why she would be reluctant to get involved with him. And I'm sure I would be intimidated like Ellie was. As for Braydon, I fell for him the minute I met him. I think I fell harder for Bray than I did Ben. Braydon makes me laugh, but there's something that lies beneath the humor that just really got to me too. He's sincere and honest. He doesn't play games and doesn't need to. 
~I loved watching them fall in love. I know that's probably an obvious thing to say, but I just really loved them together. 
~It was fun to see how their story intertwined with Ben and Emmy's story. It's like the puzzle pieces all fitting together. 
~The sex. Braydon is so sexy. SO. SEXY. I felt like the sex scenes between them were even hotter than Emmy and Ben's. 
~Something big happens between them and it made me love Braydon even more than I already did. He was true to his character and took responsibility for Ellie, but it was because he loved her. Even if it took him a while to admit it.
~The ending. THUD. Loved it. 

What didn't work for me:
~Honestly there was only one thing that I didn't love, but I understood why it was in there. But, I sort of felt like it was in there just to create some kind of drama. I felt that there was enough that Ellie and Braydon had to deal with, so I didn't need this other element. 

Overall, I loved this book! I feel like it was a great conclusion to a fun series. Reading through my notes made me miss them and I immediately had a smile on my face. In fact, I'm smiling as I write this. If you haven't started this series or if you have read the first two books, don't skip this one. Braydon and Ellie are like the icing on an already delicious cupcake!

~"I wasn't keeping track," I lied. It was two mind-blowing orgasms, more powerful than I'd ever experienced before.
"I was." His eyes locked on mine, possessive and dominant.
"That's not happening again."
"Yes it is."-Loc 289

~"Next time I'll turn the volume down so that it wakes you up but doesn't freak you out. Then you can wake me up."
"Next time, huh?" I grinned.
"Yes. And if you're taking requests, I prefer to be woken up with your mouth on my dick."-Loc 929

~"On a scale of one to sex, how awesome was that?" Braydon chuckled and tucked me securely in against his side. "Shit, kitten. You're amazing."-Loc 1270

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Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the contemporary romance novels Unravel Me, Make Me Yours, Hard to Love, Resisting Her, The Impact of You, and Working It. She's a sassy yet polite Midwestern gal with a deep love of books and a slight addiction to lip gloss.

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