September 26, 2014

REVIEW: Plan Overboard by Heather Wardell

Plan Overboard by Heather Wardell-Chick Lit/Women's Fiction
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The much-anticipated sequel to ALL AT SEA brings back Melissa and the trio of brothers that vied for her heart, and a brand new heroine to root for in Corinne Kostopoulos.

All Corinne has ever wanted was the role of clarinetist for the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra. The clarinet, and working to master it, is all she has left of her father, who abandoned the family when she was a little girl. But after failing to clinch an open spot in a heated audition, her life-plan soon goes overboard. Not only does she break up with her longtime boyfriend, Clay, she also makes a decision that will alter her destiny in ways she never imagined...

After a medical procedure and a couple of months of changing everything in her life, a pregnant Corinne meets Melissa and her gorgeous flirt of a brother-in-law, Austin, on a cruise. The heat of the Caribbean sun soon combines with a mutual attraction to create a sizzling connection neither Corinne nor Austin can deny. But when the truth comes out about Corinne's condition, will lifelong playboy Austin man up? Or will Corinne's hope for a future beyond a shipboard romance prove yet another PLAN OVERBOARD?

Heather Wardell is an author I found long before I started blogging. And with Plan Overboard, I remembered why I enjoy reading her books so much. There isn't a lot of fancy flair to her stories, but they're real, relatable and she creates characters that you truly enjoy and often fall in love with. 

What worked for me:
~The characters. Plain and simple. I wasn't all that sure I would like Corinne, but what I found was a woman who knew what she wanted, what she needed, and in the end...did what made her happy. Then there's Austin. I've always liked Austin, but I fell for him pretty hard in this book. He's been the kind of guy that would be fun to hang out with, flirt with, and have a steamy fling with, but never the guy I would have expected to go the distance. With Corinne, he was different. He found something he wanted for more than just a good time. 
~There's a baby. That gets me every time. Add in Austin falling in love with the baby...goner.
~Corinne and Austin had great chemistry.
~The story had a great flow. 
~I loved seeing past characters, like Melissa and Nicholas. It always makes me smile to see where characters have gone. 

Overall, Plan Overboard was truly and enjoyable read. This book is part of a series, but you don't need to read them in order to enjoy or understand the characters. I've read several books in the series out of order and have never had a problem. If you like romantic chick lit, check out Wardell's books. They're solid and always enjoyable.  

Heather is a natural 1200 wpm speed reader and the author of fourteen self-published novels including the free ebook "Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo" which has had over 375,000 downloads.

She came to writing after careers as a software developer and elementary school computer teacher and has no plans to leave it.

In her spare time, she reads, runs, swims, crochets, takes care of her aquarium and her cat Trinity, and plays drums and clarinet. Generally not all at once.

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  1. Don't know this author. This one sounds good and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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