September 8, 2014

RELEASE DAY REVIEW: Beyond the Orange Moon (Mathews Family #2) by Adrienne Frances

Adrienne Frances and Bandit Publishing are excited to share with you the RELEASE of “Beyond The Orange Moon” by Adrienne Frances. Make sure to join the FB Release Event PARTY, add to your Goodread, pick up your copy & enter the GIVEAWAY below for signed paperbacks!


Adrienne Frances ~ Beyond The Orange Moon

Book #2 in the Mathews Family series

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary/Romance


Sometimes fate strikes in unexpected ways.
Lucy Dalton was tired of living a life she didn't want.
Charlie Mathews was living the life he always wanted.
But one night, fate changes the course of their lives forever. A year later, Lucy and Charlie's paths meet again, igniting a spark that neither can deny.
Lucy knows he doesn't remember her, but she's already in too deep.
Charlie knows the unwritten family rule: Mathews men never admit when they're broken.
Can they leave the past where it belongs and find a way to look beyond the orange moon?
Last year Adrienne became an author to watch for me with her unforgettable Under the Orange Moon, and I was thrilled to hear we were going to get more of the Mathews brothers! I fell in love with them in Dylan and Ben’s book, and I can promise you they are just as impressive this time around!  With Beyond the Orange Moon, we have Charlie’s heartbreakingly beautiful story of love, loss, and starting over, and I absolutely loved it!

I will tell you that, from the start, this book hurts.  For Charlie and Lucy’s story to begin, another had to end, and it laid the groundwork for who Charlie is when he ‘meets’ Lucy a year later. But it was painful! Charlie Mathews started out with his happy ever after, and then the cruelty of fate reared its ugly form his way.  It was a moment that changed not only his life forever, but also the life of the introspective nurse who was already uncertain about her path in life.  Charlie’s pain became Lucy’s pain, even though she didn’t want to admit that to herself, and when the opportunity to see that he had survived and carried on with his life presented itself…well, she really didn’t stand a chance at keeping her distance. 

Charlie’s state of mental well-being after what he’d lost was perfectly described through his narration; he truly was just too broken to open up and feel that pain again.  His life became all about his son and making a good life for him, which of course made him that much sexier because HELLO?!! adorably sweet single dad meets hottie in a hard-hat.  Add to that his irresistible charm and you have yourself a man who Lucy desperately wanted to heal and share her heart with.  She had seen him at his lowest and wanted to be there to be a part of his best days, and she fell for him and his baby boy equally.  Problem was, Charlie didn’t realize just how much Lucy knew of his past right from the start, and I dreaded the moment when the truth would come out.  What these two had together deserved a true fighting chance, and there was an axe ready to fall at any point that so had me twisted up!

Charlie and Lucy’s story was the best of all worlds; we get two characters who need each other and complete each other in a way that just seems like destiny has stepped in to make things right, a love story that makes your heart melt and race at any moment, and of course we get more of Dylan and Ben and this amazing Mathews family that I’ve grown to love.  It’s the whole package wrapped up in captivating Adrienne Frances style, and it’s an absolute must-read!! And here's hoping we get all of the Mathews family, because this reader will be lined up for more!


After taking a few steps back toward the door, he stared at her for a few painful seconds.  He wanted to crawl into the bed and tell her exactly why he couldn’t do all of the things he wanted to do to her.  ~Loc 1319

“Glows?” Charlie gave her a funny expression.  “What do you mean?” 
“When a woman is loved, when she is shown that every day, she radiates it.  It doesn’t matter who she is or how she looked before.” ~Loc 1771

“You don’t have a choice.  That’s life.  You live, you learn, you love, and, unfortunately, you lose, and sometimes it’s hard. “  Carl had put his hand on Charlie’s shoulder.  “None of that matters, though.  What matters is how you get back up to live and do it all over again; it’s what you do beyond the loss.” ~Loc 2731

Dylan Mathews grew up in a house that was always filled with good-looking guys. However, with four protective older brothers they never stood a chance.
Except for one.
Dylan knew she loved Ben McKenna from the first time she laid eyes on him. When he started sneaking in her room, she thought he felt the same way.
But just as their passion ignited, he left for college and never came back.
Until now.
Returning home after 5 years, Ben realizes Dylan has always been the one for him.
Can he win back her heart and finally find love under the orange moon?

Adrienne Frances spends her time as a writing consultant at a university near her home. In her spare time, she loves to be with her husband and two sons, who have made her exactly who she is today. Writing is a passion that she has appreciated for as long as she can remember. She believes that a wild imagination is a terrible thing to waste and should be captured and brought to life by all that are blessed to have one. This way of life is what led her to become a writer and later an author under Bandit Publishing. Her first celebrated novel, Under the Orange Moon, was released in March, 2014.

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  1. Does look good. I love the idea of healing in a's that painful part that's hard to read.


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