August 28, 2014

GUEST REVIEW: Villere House (Blood of My Blood #1) by Leslie Fear & C.D. Hussey

Villere House (Blood of My Blood #1) by Leslie Fear & C.D. Hussey-Adult Paranormal Romance
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"This epic tale spanning past and present will have you on the edge of your seat. Set in a world of Voodoo, spirits, and the historic locale of New Orleans, Villere House is deliciously spooky and romantic." ~ Tracey Garvis Graves, author of the New York Times bestseller, On The Island and Covet.

College senior, Lottie Boyd, expects to drink too much while on spring break in New Orleans. What she doesn't expect is to be haunted. Or fall in love. But that's exactly what happens.

It starts with strange, vivid dreams about a 19th century widow so desperate to save her sick little girl, she's willing to do anything--even if it involves the black magic of Voodoo. It doesn't end there. Voices, ghost sightings, familiarity with things and places she couldn't possibly know. All leading her to the Villere House of Voodoo and the young Creole owner, Xavier Villere.

Xavier is compelled to help and is drawn to Lottie in a way he's never known, but skepticism of his family's century-old link to Voodoo and the occult keep her at arms length. If he can only come to terms with his heritage, he might be able to help solve the mystery of the widow plaguing Lottie's dreams. And maybe even find love in the process.

Note: Villere House is an adult romance and not suitable for readers under 18.

Villere House, a perfect blend of romance, historical, and paranormal
A Review by Shannon McCrimmon

Villere House was definitely one of my favorite reads of the summer. Set in New Orleans and shifting from past to present, this paranormal romance has it all: romance, mystery, history, Voodoo, and spirits.

The cover is what first drew me in. Who can't help but be tempted by a book cover with a skull and roses? It's unique, just like the story.

Do I normally read paranormal romance? No, not really. Well, okay, I did read Twilight, but who hasn't? But when I read the blurb for Villere House and saw that Leslie Fear was one of the authors, I knew I just had to read it!

I've been following Fear (not in a stalkerish kind of way) on Goodreads and through The Indie Bookshelf for a while. Fear is brilliant. She speaks her mind, has excellent taste in books, and she's a classy broad. I knew that whatever she wrote would be excellent.

I downloaded this wonderful book on my Kindle and took it with me on vacation, thinking I'd maybe get a few chapters in. Boy was I wrong. After the first few chapters, I was hooked. I couldn't stop reading, which turned me into a reading zombie where I answered my husband's questions with grunts and forgot to eat because I was so immersed in what I was reading. I think I may have only spoken a few words to my husband over the span of two days. Yep, I devoured this puppy that quickly because it was that good.

I am a sucker for history. I am a sucker for different. Give me a book with a unique premise, characters with depth, and a little dash of mystery and I'm in. This book has it all: characters who are three-dimensional (and good looking, hello, Xavier, hubba, hubba), a strong plot, and a premise that is definitely different (in a very good way).

The writing style – perfect. Two authors wrote this book: Leslie Fear and C.D. Hussey. They were able to weave their two voices together to create a seamless piece of fiction that had me aching for more. And will there be more? Yes! A sequel is in the works and guess who is going to click “buy” on my Kindle the moment it is released?

II highly recommend this book. If you like romance, history, mystery, and a little bit of paranormal, get this book. You won't be disappointed.

Leslie has always been an avid reader and when she began posting reviews, she went back to her roots and started writing again. She is also a singer/musician and was a member of a cover band which performed in the Dallas/FT. Worth area in the early '90's.

Leslie lives in Texas with her husband, two great kids and a very silly pug.

When not writing, C.D. Hussey enjoys a career as a professional engineer. She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband, teenage son, and two cats.

Besides exploring the world of Human Vampires, C.D. also enjoys writing fantasy romance. 


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  2. The cover is beautiful. Voodoo? Hmmm....great review.


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