January 13, 2014

ERIN REVIEWS: One to Hold (One to Hold #1) by Tia Louise

One to Hold (One to Hold #1) by Tia Louise-Adult Contemporary Romance
Kindle format given by Author via Inkslinger for review

Derek Alexander is a retired Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their "one week stand" only complicates matters.

Because she'll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he'll do everything he can to hold her.

***WARNING: Mature themes, strong language and sexual content. Recommended for adult readers (18+) only!***
Note: Standalone, M/F, HEA
Erin's Take:
I'd like to thank Tia Louise for proving that good things can indeed come in small packages, because this 200-page gem was deliciously seductive and made my heart melt for two entirely lovable characters! When I read the synopsis for this story, it intrigued me, but I was most definitely not expecting to become so engrossed and invested in what sounded like a simple but sexy read. One to Hold hits the ground running with two characters who grabbed my attention and kept it every step along the way, and I loved it!

Let me just start by saying that Derek Alexander makes one hell of a pulse-racing entrance into this story. It was one of those eye-locking, caught in his stare moments that would normally make me scoff and think "yeah, right," but somehow it just worked here. He's smoldering, enticing, and all man, and I was the little devil on Melissa's shoulder screaming "YES!" from the moment he opened that delectable mouth of his!! And just when I was thinking that this was just going to be one of those books that was all about the steam-your-ipad smoking hot sex, I actually started to feel my emotions getting yanked into the mix. It surprised me how much I felt for Melissa, clearly on edge about something from her past (which wasn't wholly revealed until later in the story) and now so guarded with her heart while escaping for her week-long getaway with her friend. And Derek, he may have made my heart race but it also broke every time Melissa saw that sad look in his eyes over her pushing him away. I wanted to drag him back and tell him she didn't mean it!!

Melissa and Derek may have only had a week together before they had to end their whirlwind love fest, but they managed to get under each other's skin and into each other's hearts just from how well they fit together. The sex was out of this world, sure, but they were so sweet together too, as if they were soul mates finally meeting. When that week ended, my heart broke for both of them and I braced myself for what was to come. What Melissa was hiding from was waiting for her back home, and it made for some unsettling and shocking moments that were intense for such a short read. Derek and Melissa's story was wrapped up perfeclty, including an epilogue from his POV that I loved, and I can't wait to read more of the One to Hold series to see more of them! This was a fabulous debut by Tia Louise, and I've officially added her to my authors to watch for list!

~And a cocky alpha who studied me like I was a frontier landscape he was ready to conquer had never been my type. He probably wanted to tie me up or handcuff me to something. A delicious shiver passed through me at the thought. ~ Loc 79

~She giggled. "Have you ever had sex in a pool? It it amazing. Everything's all wet, and the water was the exact right temperature."

"I hope you used protection." I mentally wondered at how many public decency laws these former cops of ours broke. ~Loc 599

~But in that simple acknowledgement, my heart sank in my chest. This blissful paradise we were sharing, our strange arrangement, was drowned by my dismal reality. I was not one he could hold. ~Loc 769

About the Author:
Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector of beautiful men (who inspire ALL of her stories... *wink*)---turned wife, mommy, and novelist.

It's possible she has a slight truffle addiction. And she will never look at a family restroom the same way again.

ONE TO HOLD is her debut adult romance.

ONE TO KEEP is a companion novel to one to hold, and scheduled for release Jan. 16, 2014.

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  1. I'm adding this to my list. Great review!

  2. Thank you, Erin!!! So happy you enjoyed my book! :) Tia

  3. I've been seeing this one around. In glad to see OtH is as good as it looks! Great review, Erin!

  4. Awesome Review! It just made me one-click ;)

    Can't wait to read Melissa and Derek's story.

    Mikki @A Bookish Escape

  5. This does sound good. Glad you enjoyed it.


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