May 7, 2013

Mirror of Shadows by T. Lynne Tolles Excerpt & Giveaway

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Mirror of Shadows by T. Lynne Tolles-YA Paranormal Romance
Published by Troll Publishing

Ella McKaye returns home for her grandmother's funeral to find she's inherited a ton of money and a run down mansion she never knew existed, called Grey Manor. Her greedy mother is appalled when the will stipulates specifically that Ella can't give her any of the inheritance. She quickly throws Ella out of her home forcing her to take up immediate residence in the spooky old mansion.

Within minutes of entering her new home she has a strange interaction with a creepy old mirror in the main hallway and the ghostly inhabitants of the past get more and more agitated the longer Ella's there. Nearly fatal back to back accidents make Ella start to wonder if she's angered some ghost or if there is something more sinister at work.

Will Ella unravel the deadly mystery before she becomes a ghost herself? Or will fate take another one of the Grey ancestors to the grave.


Most of the roads she travelled were wooded on both sides—some areas more densely than others—and she wondered if there were any neighbors around as she hadn’t seen a house in a while.

She was gaining some altitude with several steep inclines, and with every turn the roads seemed to narrow. Many of the muddy routes looked more like hiking trails than actual roads. She lovingly called the GPS, ‘Betty’ since it talked to her and was kind enough to give her directions, but Betty didn’t always give her the best route to her destination and Ella was starting to wonder if this was one of those times. She checked the GPS several times to see if the little red blinking dot had veered from its course, but according to the device, she was going the right way.

The fog was heavy and made the drive trickier and bit spooky. It, too, made everything devoid of color, giving the surroundings a gray tinge and dulling the shadows. She passed a row of five gnarly oak trees that looked like they had been dead for eons. Their branches snaked out from their trunks in every which way and fallen branches littered their bases. One of the trees had half-fallen long ago, making it look like it was crawling towards the makeshift mud road she was driving. Creepy, Ella thought.

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About the Author

T. Lynne Tolles is a lifelong avid reader of all things paranormal and now is a writer of new adult paranormal romances for readers 15 to 115. She grew up in the sunny California San Francisco bay area. She's the mother of two, wife to one and pet mom to three cats and Newfoundland dog.

Blood of a Werewolf is the first of five books in a series called, the Blood Series. Other titles include Somber Island and Mirror of Shadows - both unrelated to the series
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  1. This sounds creepy and interesting.

  2. Great excerpt!

    We met this author at RT. she was so nice and even have me (and maybe you?) a bag!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Andrea...thanks for remembering me! I offered bags to those with a towering armload of books in line for Molly McAdams and Tammara Webber as I was between the two of the sweet authors. Call me the "Bag Lady!" LOL.

  3. Autumn...
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! and thank you for taking the time to host this stop - means a lot to me. I'm so glad you stopped by and said "Hi" at RT 2013. It's always great to put a face with a name, especially such an adorable face! : )

    Hope you all have a great. Happy Reading!

    Teresa - AKA T. Lynne Tolles


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