July 31, 2012

The Wild Ones by M. Leighton Review & Giveaway

The Wild Ones by M. Leighton-New Adult Contemporary Romance
Kindle format given by author for review/ARC

Passion as hot as midnight in the South and love as wild as the horses they tame.

Camille “Cami” Hines is the darling daughter of the South’s champion thoroughbred breeder, Jack Hines. She has a pedigree that rivals some of her father’s best horses. Other than feeling a little suffocated at times, Cami thought she was pretty happy with her boyfriend, her life and her future.

But that was before she met Patrick Henley.

“Trick” blurs the lines between what Cami wants and what is expected of her. He’s considered the “help,” which is forbidden fruit as far as her father is concerned, not to mention that Trick would be fired if he ever laid a hand on her. And Trick needs his job. Desperately. His family depends on him.

The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and Trick and Cami are drawn to each other despite the obstacles. At least the ones they know of.

When Trick stumbles upon a note from his father, it triggers a series of revelations that could ruin what he and Cami have worked so hard to overcome. It turns out there’s more to Trick’s presence at the ranch than either of them knew, secrets that could tear them apart.

My Take:
Occasionally, a book will come along and blow me away. Well, this was one of those books. I can honestly tell you that this is one of my top books of the year and easily one of my new all-time favorites. I couldn't put the book down. The best word to describe this book is...GORGEOUS! I already want to read it again. 

I really, truly loved Cami. I love how true to herself she is. She absolutely can't fight her attraction to Trick and she takes a chance on him. She believes in him, trusts him, and can't keep her hands off him. Not that I blame her. That boy is smokin! I loved that she finally stood up to her father. She believed in the love that she and Trick had. It was such a beautiful love story. 

Trick is such a good guy. He knows he's hot and he definitely plays that up, but he's not arrogant about it. He's a hard worker and is dedicated to his family. When Trick makes a commitment, he's all in. He's a man who is gentle when he needs to be and rougher when he wants to have a little fun. He loves Cami for who she is. Trick is easily one of the best male leads I've ever met. 

I absolutely LOVED Jenna. She had me cracking up in every scene she's in. She's honest to a fault and is a true friend to Cami. I also loved that she and Rusty got together. They are so cute! 

I really could go on and on about how much I loved this book. I have so many pages highlighted, it's ridiculous! Line for line the story kept me entertained. I laughed, cried, had to cool myself off from all the steamy moments, and I felt the love. I mean, really felt it. My heart was so full at the end of this book. 

M. Leighton has delivered a masterpiece. As a fan of her work, I knew this was going to be a story that I loved, but in my opinion, this is her best book to date. She's got such a clean writing style and the characters she creates become so real. I feel like I'm there with them. I feel like I know them. I believe that's a true sign of quality writing. 

The Wild Ones is the kind of book that stays in your head for days. I'm already trying to figure out when I can read it again. I'm so excited for the release of this beautiful book and CAN. NOT. WAIT for everyone to meet Cami and Trick! Because I loved this book so much, I'm going to do an eBook giveaway of 2 copies of The Wild Ones! Enter below. 
For more information go to: M. Leighton.
This book IS available on Amazon and will be available on Barnes and Noble by August 1, 2012!!!
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OPTIONS by Abbi Glines Cover Reveal

OPTIONS is the first book in a new YA Urban Fantasy by Abbi Glines! The cover was designed by Stephanie Mooney from Mooney Designs.  The expected release date is February 5, 2013. What do you think???

Two paths.

Two completely different roads.

Each one standing before me.

Each one holding a different destiny.

In life you're just supposed to choose one path.

In life you're not given the chance at choosing one specific future.

Until now.

Until me.

Why am I different? I don't know. But I'm going to see those roads and walk down each one. When it's over I'll know which one to choose because I'll know my - options.

For more information go to: Abbi Glines.

Teaser Tuesdays 7/31

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

Here are the rules:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share 2 "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the TITLE and AUTHOR too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teaser.

~Almost like he can feel my eyes or my thoughts on him, Trick turns around. His gaze locks with mine like there isn't a room full of people between us. We stare at each other for a few seconds and then, real slow, he grins. 
Good god, he has dimples! I might die!-Kindle Loc 100

NOW available on Amazon!!!!

July 30, 2012

The Light Series by Jennifer DeLucy Review & Giveaway

Seers of Light (Light 1)by Jennifer DeLucy-Mature YA Paranormal Romance
Kindle format given by author for review/blog tour

Lillian Hunt has never truly lived. Always sensing more to the world than is easily perceived, she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy, or worse, mental instability. But some things-disappearing strangers, tangible dreams, and visits from malevolent creatures-cannot be ignored. Before it's too late, Lillian is ripped from the only existence she's ever known and thrust into a reality that she always suspected, but could scarcely believe. She must learn the truth about who she is, the powerful beings that wish to destroy her, and the two men who would die to protect her. Jennifer DeLucy has created a unique, enchanting tale of destiny and the ageless power of love in her debut novel, Seers of Light. DeLucy's novel charms readers with quirky characters, while sketching a haunting portrait of one woman's journey on the path of the supernaturally gifted. But be prepared. Once you've entered the world of Seers, you will never be the same.

My Take:
I really enjoyed Seers of Light.  I appreciated the fact that the story took off right away. I wasn't left trying to figure out what Lily was.  Her role is clearly explained. The characters were likable. The story held my interest and I was ready to read more. 

Lily is living in Pennsylvania living an ordinary life, but she feels like she's missing something. When Christian arrives and saves her life, she leaves with him to find some answers. I liked that Lily wasn't a damsel in distress. She was a tough girl who was ready to take on her responsibilities. She trained hard and really worked on doing her best for the group. I also loved that there is a love story. I have to have some type of romance in my books. I thought Christian was going to be that guy for Lily, but when she meets William, she can't deny that there is something between them. 

William is a tortured soul. He was turned into a vampire, but his soul was able to be saved. He is a healer and a key part of the group. The only problem is that not everyone trusts him. I understood why, but he was such a sweet, likable guy. I was so glad that Lily trusted her feelings for him. It bothered me a little that she wanted to keep their feelings for each other a secret though. Again, I understood why, but it made me feel sad for William. 

I loved the paranormal abilities. The idea of basically turning bad energy into something positive was a concept that is pretty realistic. It was just turned into something a bit more. My husband reads a lot of books about this subject. He always tells me that he reads the true stories and I read the fiction, but believes there isn't much of a difference between the two. 

If you are looking for a fast paced story that's filled with action, intrigue, and romance, this is a great book for you. I was excited to read the second book and got started on it immediately after I finished. Be sure to check this one out!

Whisper of Light (Light 2) by Jennifer DeLucy-Mature YA Paranormal Romance
Kindle format given by author for review/blog tour

The saying goes that all men are created equal... but Nicole Abbot knows better. Lacking the supernatural gifts of the Sentients she has known all her life, Nicole has lived with her nose pressed to the glass, withering beneath the guilt of her own inadequacies and the disapproving glare of her father. It's easy to believe that the universe has forgotten all about her, but things are not always as they seem. With the arrival of Christian Wright, a handsome but complex Combatant with a troubled history, Nicole is forced to question everything she has ever believed about herself, proving that sometimes, our most flawed perceptions are those reflected in a mirror. Jennifer DeLucy again plunges us into the world of lingering spirits, dark apparitions, and malicious vampires. But this time she takes us to the California coast where we get to know a new ensemble of gifted souls that are just as vibrant and endearing as the Sentients we came to love in Seers of Light. In Whisper of Light, DeLucy delivers exciting supernatural encounters as well as very human interactions that will both break your heart and make it soar.
My Take:
Once again, I really enjoyed this book. I was curious to see where Christian's story would go once her left for California. I liked the new cast of characters, but not as much as the first book. Nicole and Christian were my favorite part of this story. 

I really felt bad for Nicole. She's such a sweetheart, but allows herself to be taken advantage of. She feels responsible for her mothers health problems and she lets her dad to treat her unfairly. I was happy to see her finally let go of that and learn to take care of herself. I also liked that she was a therapist. She was so sweet with Samantha. I really enjoyed watching Christian and Nicole fall in love too. 

I was a bit worried that Nicole was going to be a rebound for Christian. He was so hurt and sad until he met her. Even though he is a Combatant, Christian is a sensitive guy. He has issues that he needs to work on too. I really felt like Nicole and Christian weren't all that different in that way. They both had to let go of feeling responsible for others. 

This book wasn't as fast paced as the first book, but I still enjoyed it the same. I felt like this book was a bit softer and more romantic.
If you're looking for a great series to start, check this one out. The books are well written and held my attention to the end.

July 29, 2012

Sea Breeze Series by Abbi Glines Book Trailer

I'm so excited to share with you, a book trailer for the Sea Breeze Series by Abbi Glines! My friend April @ Sim-Sational-Books created this trailer to celebrate the release of While It Lasts on July 31st. Check it out!

What do you think??? Pretty great, right?!?!


 While It Lasts (Sea Breeze 3) REVIEW & GIVEAWAY
Breathe (Sea Breeze 1) REVIEW & Because of Low (Sea Breeze 2) REVIEW

Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde Spotlight & Giveaway

I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled to show you the cover for one of my favorite books of this year. I originally found this book on fictionpress through a friend of mine. Needless to say, I read both book in the series in two days! Now the time has FINALLY come and this fantastic book will be available in paperback and eBook via Amazon and Barnes and Noble on August 1st!
Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship. After 2 years without speaking, she receives a phone call that changes everything. He unexpectedly asks her to convince the new girl, Bekah, that he's ready to commit. Jack is calling now after everything they had been through because there is another woman. She can't believe it. Follow Lexi in this heart wrenching drama as she relives her past relationship, or lack thereof, with Jack, and not just in her own mind, but to his fiance-to-be. Throw in Bekah's hot brother who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, a past with more secrets to unravel than you can even imagine, and you get a recipe for disaster. Find out what happens to Lexi as she travels to Atlanta to get the closure she so desperately desires from Jack, and how the bumps of life seem to keep getting in the way.

Connect with K.A. Linde:
Goodreads/Facebook/Twitter @AuthorKALinde/Fictionpress

A Week With Autumn 7/29

These are the books and goodies I received in the mail this past week. I may not get to post reviews on the blog for all the books, but this is a great way of getting Authors/books names out there.





July 28, 2012

Dante's Girl (The Paradise Diaries 1) by Courtney Cole Review

Dante's Girl (The Paradise Diaries 1) by Courtney Cole-YA Contemporary Romance
Kindle format given by author for review/blog tour ARC

I have spent every summer since I was ten years old with my father in London. Every summer, since I was ten years old, has been uneventful and boring.
Until this year.

And this year, after a freak volcanic eruption strands me far from home, I have learned these things:

1. I can make do with one outfit for three days before I buy new clothes.
2. If I hear the phrase, “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto,” even one more time, I might become a homicidal maniac.
3. I am horribly and embarrassingly allergic to jellyfish.
4. I am in love with Dante Giliberti, who just happens to be the beautiful, sophisticated son of the Prime Minister of a Mediterranean paradise.
5. See number four above. Because it brings with it a whole slew of problems and I’ve learned something from every one of them.

Let’s start with the fact that Dante’s world is five light-years away from mine. He goes to black-tie functions and knows the Prime Minister of England on a first name basis. I was born and raised on a farm in Kansas and wear cut-off jeans paired with cowboy boots. See the difference?

But hearts don’t care about differences. Hearts want what they want. And mine just wants to be Dante’s girl.

My heart just might be crazy.

My Take:
There are so many things I liked about this book. The primary reason I liked it...it was just easy to read. I loved the humor, romance, and the characters. 

Pretty much from the first sentence, I liked Reece. She's funny, smart, confident, but also sensitive. Overall, just a likable character. Another reason I liked her was that she wasn't overly impressed or intimidated by Dante's family or his social status. She really fell for him as a person. 

Dante is a total sweetheart. I loved how he tried to comfort Reece on the plane at the beginning of the book. Obviously he was attracted to her, but it shows that he has good moral character as well. I felt like he really worked hard at making Reece feel comfortable in his world. Dante fell for Reece pretty hard. I loved watching them fall in love. 

The supporting characters were all strong. I really liked Mia. There are plans to continue the series with some of the supporting characters and I really look forward to seeing what happens with each one of them. 

The overall story was very sweet. There are some more serious situations, but they fit the story's overall theme. I appreciated the fact that even though this is a YA novel, there is a lot of truth in what happens in a teenage romance. It made their relationship much more believable and not so fairytale-like.  

I would definitely recommend this book. It's appropriate for the 15 and older age group. If you are a fan of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series or a PG-13 version of The Princess Diaries, you would love this book. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the series develops from here.

amazon | B&N 

About Courtney Cole
website | twitter | facebook | facebook fan page

Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could.
She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds.
Every Last Kiss is her debut novel and she followed it with the rest of The Bloodstone Saga (Every Last Kiss, Fated, With My Last Breath and My Tattered Bonds).
Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.
Learn more about Courtney and her books at www.courtneycolewrites.com