March 21, 2012

My Book Boyfriend 3/21 DANK

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader

This week My Book Boyfriend is DANK from the Existence Trilogy by Abbi Glines. Dank has black hair, amazing blue eyes, and a lean build. He also has a pretty funny sense of humor. Oh and he's death! PREDESTINED is the second book in the trilogy and is scheduled to release on APRIL 3rd! My model for Dank is Jason Behr, but Jason doesn't have Dank's amazing blue eyes. Still, not bad...not bad at all. 

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~“I get to keep you,” he said, staring at me with an 
intensity that made me shiver. 
“Keep me?” I asked, reaching up to kiss his chin and trail 
kisses down his perfect neck. 
“Not here. I can’t take much more, Pagan. I’m only so 
strong,” he said in a husky voice as he pulled me against his 
chest. “You’re mine now. While you walk the Earth you 
belong to me. Nothing can hurt you.” I heard a touch of 
humor in his voice. “It’s pretty impossible to hurt what Death 
― Abbi GlinesExistence

~“You tempt me. I can't be tempted. I'm not made to be tempted, but you, Pagan Moore, you tempt me. From the moment I came for you I was drawn in. Everything about you.." One of his hands left my waist and moved up to gently caress my arm."You make me crazy with need. With want. I didn't understand it at first. But now I know. It's your soul calling to me. Souls mean nothing to me. They aren't supposed to. But yours has become my obsession.” 
― Abbi GlinesExistence

~“I’ll have this handled immediately. I didn’t see anything but I felt it. The moment you froze, I felt it. It isn’t a soul. It isn’t a deity. That leaves only a few things it can be. And I promise you Pagan that not one of those things is a match for me. Stop worrying. I’m Death, baby. Remember that.”-Abbi Glines, Predestined

~Dank came up behind me causing my insides to go all warm and tingly. “She can’t possibly want my body more than I want hers.”
Miranda began fanning herself with her hand, “Dear Lord have mercy, I think I may swoon.”-Abbi Glines, Predestined

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  1. I didn't know the second one was about to be published. I just found a while back about the first one. And even though I had some problems with "Existence" I still think I'll try and see what's the next one about - maybe I'll like this one better ;))

  2. I can't wait for Predestinated to come out!! The end of Existence was just awful!! You can't finish a book like that! :P I loved Existence and I totally love Dank :) He is so so hot!! :D great pick of quotes!! ;) ;)

  3. Ohhhh Dank.

    I have to say, he doesn't really wet my muffin. I mean, he's hot.. but doesn't really do it for me that way.

  4. Hubba Hubba! Jason Behr is really cute. Love Dank!
    Thanks for sharing, Autumn.

  5. I'm intrigued! Dank sounds awesome and so cute! Great quotes too.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  6. I could definitely go for some Dank.

  7. I'll be looking forward to this book. Sounds amazing!! Love this guy!

  8. EEEEP! That is my Reyes. I love Jason Behr. LOL

    I need to try some Abbi Glines myself. I remember you telling me about her books a while back. I love the covers!

  9. Miranda isn't the only one about to swoon. I think I just did. Can you tell that about yourself, if you swoon? That first and last quote were especially... stimulating.


  10. Oh I love Jason Behr! I loved Roswell. He would make a great Dank! Great quotes! I also loved Leif. I'm such a sucker for the other guy.

  11. Very nice choice!!! I LOVED Jason in the TV series Roswell. He has an A-MAAAAZING body!! LOL

  12. Oh wow, I LOVE your pick! I haven't read this one yet, but I definitely am now. Abbi Glines is the best! Great picks too - thank you for sharing! :)

    Here's mine:

  13. I LOVE Jason!! I Loved Roswell sigh :) he is absolutely perfect for Dank!! cannot wait for Predestined!! eeep



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