March 30, 2012

The Marriage Contract by Lisa Mondello Review

The Marriage Contract by Lisa Mondello-Adult Contemporary Romance
Kindle format given by author for review/blog tour

Seventeen years ago Cara and Devin met and became the best of friends. Shortly after that, Devin's father passed away and he left for college right after the funeral. Cara and Devin remained in touch periodically over the years, but eventually lost contact. Their careers defined them and they both got lost in the trail to succeed. 

Then, Cara decides to go home to help her parents prepare to move and comes across and old card from Devin. It says that he promises to marry her  if neither one of them is married by her 35th birthday. Well, her 35th birthday is right around the corner and she's still not married and her mother is itching for some grand babies. What happens next? Her mother meddles of course, bringing Devin back to town. 

My Take:
I love stories like this because I think in one way or another, most people have had a "wonder what would have happened moment". In this story, the couple became friends first as young adults and for them, the timing to be together wasn't right. There were too many other things going on then and I don't think they could have made a relationship work. Both Cara and Devin were determined to be successful and independent in their careers. Relationships were a secondary priority. 

When they finally meet again, they are at different places in their lives. Sure, they are older and that certainly is a factor. I think they both realized that the relationships you make and the love you share is what brings true happiness into your life. I loved the love that they had for each other as friends and loved seeing how it transitioned into a relationship as adults. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It truly is a heart felt romance. It was a fast, nice, read with a bit of humor thrown into the mix. 4 out of 5 stars
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  1. Oh, how charming! I love stories like this too. I think everyone has a what-if moment. I new I guy in school, couple years younger than me. I promised him I would go out w/him when he turned 18, if I didn't have a bf. I'm a liar. I didn't do it.
    I live this review, Autumn. Great job!

  2. Um, before I even read this review, I want you to know I'm scared.. The last book I read with a contract involved anal and vaginal fisting.

    1. Yes, you should always be prepared when reading a book I recommend! LOL

  3. awwww, this looks so cute. right up my alley.. disappionted no ones ass will be claimed............Or will it? lol

    I will have to add this to my list. I really need to get back into reading more mushy love stuff. It makes me happy :)

    1. Oh lord. Yes, it was a happy love read. :)

  4. This sounds like a very sweet happy book. I love books like this. Wonderful review. It reminds me of that movie Runaway Bride. (I think that's the one I mean lol)


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